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360° Aerial Antics

Here at Firth View, we have recently made a new friend, Angus Mackie, through his Facebook post asking for help to raise awareness of his Black Isle-based photography business - Scotland 360°.

Intrigued, I dug a bit deeper and contacted Angus to see if we could help, not perhaps by stocking flyers or business cards, as our guests are generally here for only a few nights and would not have time to arrange a workshop, but by including a link to his website from ours which might inspire folk to become interested in Angus's activities and book before they arrive on the Black Isle.

Angus is a man of many talents; he is a mountain and sea kayak leader, member of the mountain rescue team, he runs photography tuition workshops and tours, and is a 360° panoramic photographer. A conversation ensued and after a convivial meeting, Angus proposed an idea which would hopefully enhance both our business opportunities and help him with his latest project - to create a virtual tour of The Black Isle from the air!

Using his expertise with drone photography, Angus began by taking some wonderful aerial shots of our home and garden from about 80 feet above Firth View. He then started work on the magic - hundreds of photographs taken in all directions, at all angles, which once processed, provides a 360° panorama with Firth View as the centre point.

Angus has now added hotspots to this panorama which enables the viewer to link to other points of interest and to move around the Black Isle as if they were an eagle, surveying the wonderful landscape and coast. Some hotspots link to websites or more information about the point of interest, some to photographs taken at the site - inside and out.

To view the Tour so far click on the link and find out more about Firth View, hit the hotspots and lose yourself over the stunning landscape of the Black Isle.


However this is just the start of the project - Angus has plans to develop the Virtual tour further to link with other providers on the Black Isle and to use the technology to provide enhanced experiences for other organisations.

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